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Handling Cart Systems

Handling Cart Systems

Utility Carts are designed for low effort transport and fitted with either 1 or 2 “U” handle and 4 caster wheels for manoeuvring in the corners. This utility cart is available in various sizes that will best suit to customer’s requirement. Units are shipped knock down and are easy to assemble. Utility Carts can create effective handling system no matter what the need. The heights of the handle are available in 2 sizes and the shelves of the carts can be combination of wire shelf and solid shelf as the picture shown.

Literally various utility carts can be assembled from basic shelf components – shelves, casters and piece handles. To best meet your exact needs you can select any numbers of combination of shelves from many types, finishes and sizes. Utilizing them with any of casters.

  • Highly maneuverable utility carts can handle and distribute a large volume of material safety and efficiently.
  • Easy to assemble and makes relocation of shelves quick and simple.

Foldable platform truck

Multiform box carrier

Open top handling cart

Security handling cart

Slide open handling cart

Push Cart is designed to create mobile space. It is low effort transport, fitted with one external handle, 4 posts and 4 caster wheels. The shelves and post of the Push Cart are available in different sizes depending on customer’s requirement. Optional intermediate shelves can be easily added, removed or repositioned even after assembly. Units are shipped knocked down and it can be adjusted. The Push Cart permit easily manoeuvre from place to another.

Reel Shelving offers an efficient method of storage and transport for standard size component reels. These shelves can be mixed and matched with standard shelving posts, and caster wheels to create a reel handling and storage system to address the exacting needs of PCB manufactures.


  1. Minimum 15 reels per row
  2. Each storage level can be adjusted at 1*(25mm) intervals.